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Frequently Asked Financial Questions

Location And Directions
The Trinitas Comprehensive Cancer Center is located at our Williamson St. Campus.

Please call 908-994-8000, or use these links for Maps and Directions.



Here are some questions to address before your first visit to the Trinitas Comprehensive Cancer Center (TCCC).

What is the role of your PCP?
The PCP is often the pivotal person in your healthcare. He or she may issue authorizations, suggest further tests, coordinate your care or recommend one of our physicians for your assessment and treatment.

Do our services require pre-authorization by your insurance company?
Pre-authorization from your insurance company is often required before scheduling consultation visits, diagnostic tests, treatment or other clinical procedures. If your insurance plan requires pre-authorization before medical services are provided, TCCC registration will obtain the necessary pre-authorization from your insurance company on your behalf.

Authorizations can be forwarded by your primary care physician (PCP). We accept a copy, electronic file or FAX. If a required authorization is not received by the day before your appointment, your appointment may be rescheduled.

Do you need a referral before seeing a specialist?
Most of our physicians are considered specialists and may require a referral from your PCP. Some referrals may allow for a specified number of visits, while others may need to be reissued for each visit. Some referrals may only be good for a specified duration. Your insurance plan will have this information.

Contacting Financial Counselors
Your satisfaction and peace of mind are top priorities. Trinitas Comprehensive Cancer Center has trained staff to assist you with insurance and other financial issues, in addition to your clinical needs. If you have any difficulty obtaining information or understanding your insurance coverage, please contact financial counseling Monday through Friday, 8AM to 4:30PM, at 908-994-8914.


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