Fighting Cancer... Rebuilding Lives

Cancer Care at its Best
At Trinitas Comprehensive Cancer Center (TCCC), we understand the physical, emotional and supportive challenges patients face in their fight against cancer. Our interdisciplinary team of highly-skilled professionals works with each patient to develop a comprehensive approach to care that encompasses the latest diagnostic and treatment options, medical technology, clinical trials and integrative therapy.

A Beautiful and Healing Environment
Designed to feel more like a fine hotel than a hospital, TCCC makes patient service a top priority - creating a patient experience that is both personal and comforting. With free valet parking and our warm and welcoming staff, we have worked hard to make the experience for patients and their families as uncomplicated and stress-free as possible - right from the start.

Compassion and Excellence
Everyone at TCCC shares a passion for outstanding medical care and excellence in customer service. Our expert team of board-certified hematologists, surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, along with our highly-skilled physicians' assistants, nurse practitioners, dosimetrists, radiation therapy technologists and registered nurses are all specialists in cancer treatment. This specialization includes bone cancer, breast cancer, colorectal/GI cancer, head and neck cancers, leukemia and lymphoma, multiple myeloma and other hematological disorders. Expertly trained oncology nurses are ONS-certified in chemotherapy and provide compassionate care and support, while on-site social workers and dietitians offer individual and family counseling, and nutritional planning. Your medical team works collaboratively with you to design a customized plan of care to effectively and comfortably treat your cancer while minimizing side effects. This multidisciplinary team approach helps to ensure that your experience with us is as comfortable and clinically successful as possible.

Treatment Options: A Commitment to Leading and Emerging Therapies
Treatment options include chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation therapy, surgery or a combination of any of these. TCCC also offers access to clinical trials. These emerging therapies and new treatment methods have the potential to improve quality of life and survival rates for patients. Our clinical research program gives many patients access to new treatment approaches that might not otherwise be available.

A Regional Leader in Radiation Oncology
At Trinitas, you'll also find some of the most innovative non-surgical treatment breakthroughs in external beam and internal radiation therapy. TCCC has the first Trilogy Linear Accelerator in New Jersey - the most advanced radiation technology available.

Our highly-skilled radiation therapy team delivers state-of-the-art treatments including Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS), High Dose Rate Brachytherapy (HDR), Prostate Seed Implants, and Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). These advanced treatment options are designed to efficiently destroy tumor cells while sparing healthy tissue.

On-site Laboratory and Pharmacy
Trinitas Comprehensive Cancer Center has its own clinical laboratory for easy, convenient and fast turnaround of lab tests and results. We also have an on-site pharmacy that prepares treatment-related medications.

These services enhance your quality of care and minimize your time at the Center.

Patient Comfort and Convenience
Our treatment area is technologically designed to provide maximum comfort for patients, with oversized recliners in naturally lit private or shared spaces, private telephones and televisions, and extra seating for family and friends who may be visiting. In the beautifully decorated waiting areas, we provide courtesy snacks and refreshments for patients and their guests.

Our advanced radiotherapy technology assures shorter treatment times for added comfort and convenience, and our highly-skilled and compassionate medical teams are ready to assist with every aspect of your care. Expert nurses are available to answer questions about your care or help you manage issues that may arise after treatment.

Supportive Care
Compassionate, experienced social workers offer individual and family counseling, and support groups to help patients, family members and caregivers through all stages of diagnosis and treatment. Our licensed oncology social workers can help coordinate community resources, develop individualized coping strategies, or simply provide emotional support. A licensed dietitian collaborates with the medical team to review patient nutritional status, and offers counseling for patients and families on nutritional issues. The dietitian considers family dynamics, ethnic and cultural food preferences to support each patient's state of wellness and provides strategies for making food nutritious and appetizing. Access to specialists in symptom management and integrative medicine is also available to help patients achieve the highest possible quality of life throughout every stage of illness and recovery. In addition, they can address medical, emotional and social needs important to patients and their families.

To make an appointment or for further information, please contact us at 908-994-8000.